Let’s go greener together with Home Energy Scotland

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Greener Scotland is one of the five strategic objectives which support the Scottish Government’s overall purpose.

Its broad aims are to improve Scotland’s natural and built environment and the sustainable use and enjoyment of it. Within the ten key greener behaviours, four relate to home energy use. The behaviours are:

* Heating with the most efficient systems

* Keeping the heat in with insulation

* Managing home heat

* Saving energy/electricity

Undertaking these behaviours saves energy and money, but not everyone is financially able or willing to invest in heating or insulation upgrades.

The Scottish Government is offering home energy advice for free to anyone in Scotland via the Home Energy Scotland hotline.

Free insulation and central heating is also available through various Scottish Government schemes.

The Home Energy Scotland hotline’s expert advisers can tell callers which of these government initiatives they qualify for, as well as giving personalised advice on how to make your own home more efficient.

For information log on to advice@ne.energysavingscotland.org.uk or call 0808 808 2282.

Catherine, from Perthshire, phoned the Home Energy Scotland helpline and received free impartial advice and followed by having loft insulation and oil central heating installed in her home.

“I’ve rented this house for six years and have always had a problem with heating it,” she said. “I previously only had one storage heater that came on automatically and the rest had to be turned on and off at will. It was very time consuming and costly. After getting out of hospital in January last year, I knew something had to be done to get the house better prepared for winter weather.

“A local home initiative put me in contact with Home Energy Scotland and I haven’t looked back. After an initial assessment, I thought the only thing they would be able to offer me was more electricity, but as I wanted to move away from storage heaters I thought oil would be a better choice. It’s made a tremendous difference to my home and my life, as I’ve been able to see in the colder weather in comfort.

Before I phoned the helpline, I didn’t think I’d qualify for anything. I was astounded when they told me I could have new loft insulation and central heating.

“The hotline has the best advice available and everyone should make the most of it,” added Catherine.