New £500,000 sports facility set for Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh Fitness Centre
Fraserburgh Fitness Centre

Fraserburgh is set to benefit from a new £500,000 sports facility as a local fitness centre prepares to expand its operation.

Fraserburgh Fitness Centre , at James Ramsay Park, is currently applying for funding for a new half a million pound squash court facility.

Draft layout for squash facility

Draft layout for squash facility

Albert Ross, Founder and Chairman of the Fraserburgh Fitness Centre, said: “We have been working very closely with Squash Scotland and Sports Scotland and they have been very supportive of it.

“With Sports Scotland, Squash Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council also supportive of the project we’re very confident it can be brought to completion.”

The fitness centre has already had planning permission approved for the new facility, which will be built on to the existing building at James Ramsay Park, and has now been awarded £5,000 from Aberdeenshire Council for a feasibility study.

Fraserburgh Fitness Centre will also put £5,000 of their own money into the study.

The patch of land at St James Ramsay Park where the squash facility will be built

The patch of land at St James Ramsay Park where the squash facility will be built

Mr Ross said: “We are determined to see this project through so we will spend money from our own bank if we have to.”

After the completion of the feasibility study the fitness centre will then look to Sport Scotland for between £200,000 to £250,000 in funding.

The new squash facility will consist of three singles courts with removable middle walls so it can also be used as two doubles courts.

The facility would then become one of only four places in Scotland that tournament doubles could be played - with Glasgow having two and one in Shetland.

Maggie Still, CEO at Squash Scotland, said: “It’s great to see the energy these guys are putting into it and it will breathe some life into the sport in that area.

“We’ll give them as much support as we can and help to make this happen.”

Ms Still stressed the necessity to “get out there”and find the funding to make the facility a reality.

She also spoke of the benefit of the doubles courts and the bonuses of having such a facility.

Fraserburgh has been without a squash facility since the opening of the new Community and Sports Centre and the local squash club approached the Fraserburgh Fitness Centre regarding the situation.

Mr Ross said: “We pride ourselves at this club by keeping ourselves in touch with our customers.

“We ask them what they want and then we try and implement these ideas if we can.”

A registered charity, The Fraserburgh Fitness Centre has a turnover of around 1,500 people per week and a membership of over 2,000.

Mr Ross said: “We’ve been successful over the last fifteen years here in St James Ramsay Park and we have invested over £400,000 this facility over that time.

“I think we’ve got of the best community run gyms in the north east of Scotland and it’s a great success story.”