New quota to benefit Broch

Fraserburgh and district councillor Charles Buchan has told community councillors that the new mackerel catch quota for small boats will benefit Fraserburgh.

Councillor Buchan was speaking at this month’s meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council when he welcomed the new limits for small boat fishermen.

“These are small boat men. If they get extra cash, it will go back into the community,” he suggested.

Councillor Buchan had earlier welcomed the new catch quota, which will see boat owners and skippers of vessels that are less than 10 metres be able to catch 1,3000 tonnes of mackerel from line, saying it was an important result for the area.

“Fishing and the sea is part of our history and heritage, and is why our coastal towns and villages exist. We need to keep our young people connected to the sea, both as a source of income to them, and for sport and leisure.

“The sea is our biggest advantage, and in the future we shall still have to rely on the sea for our prosperity.,” he told us.