New stock at Albert Hotel for motoring customers

Terry Moran
Terry Moran

The Albert Hotel on Peterhead’s Queen Street has recently brought in a new stock of alcohol free and low alcohol drinks.

The new options include beer, cider and wine all 100% free of alcohol as well as low percentage beer and wine.

The idea to add the new products to the menu came after owner Terry Moran noticed less people ordering boozy drinks with their meals.

She said: “The new drink drive limit started in December but we were far too busy then to really think about it.

“However, it was very noticeable in January. I have ladies who come in for lunch and in the past they would have a glass of wine or share a little baby bottle of wine b ut now they wont touch anything.

“I also have regulars who come in after meeting who would have a bottle of beer but now they’re not taking one anymore.

“It’s people like this that I’ve been testing the new drinks out on and then finding out what they like and what they don’t like.

“The reaction has been very positive so far.”

The new drink drive limits came into effect on December 5th and saw the mg of alcohol allowed in the blood stream drop from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood.

“It’s about making sure people don’t feel deprived or left out.

“They can still sit with a glass of wine even if it is non-alcoholic.

“I don’t know of anyone else who is making a conscious effort to promote non-alcoholic drinks. It’s more about me and my customers.

“I used to have men who would come in at five o’clock on their way home from work who won’t even come in now.

“Now, if groups of two or three guys come in they will have a designated driver, he’ll be the one who takes the non-alcoholic beer, that way they still get to feel part of the group which they might not with a soft drink.

“Most of the people have never tried these types of drinks before but now they’re becoming more popular.”