Shopwatch group urges new members to join

Fraserburgh town centre.
Fraserburgh town centre.

The Fraserburgh Shopwatch group, which aims to share business information among members, is urging more shops to join the association.

The Fraserburgh Shopwatch group, which has been active for a number of years, meets on a monthly basis to discuss any incidents which have been reported to the police over the previous month.

The group also exchange information on a daily basis and photographs of offenders can be shown to members who have signed up for the Information Sharing Protocol.

During the meetings, advice is presented regarding unusual crime trends, shopkeepers’ rights and the security and safety of staff.

The aim of the group is to deter shoplifting in retail premises, protect staff, report antisocial behaviour in the town centre and make shopping a pleasurable and safe experience for all.

The group is actively supported by Police Scotland and the Fraserburgh Community Wardens.

The group meets at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of every month in the Hub on High Street, Fraserburgh.

The Shopwatch group hopes many more shops will become members, and that information-sharing will be become even more effective within a larger group.

Further information can be obtained from chairperson Isabel Ritchie, who can be contacted at the main Post Office in Fraserburgh.