Stevenson Centre to tackle unemployed

Cooking: Many of the young people at the centre involve themselves in a cooking programme.
Cooking: Many of the young people at the centre involve themselves in a cooking programme.

The Stevenson Centre, on Victoria Street in Fraserburgh aims to help youths get back on track and find employment.

Run by Aberdeen Foyer the centre aims prevent and alleviate youth homelessness and unemployment in Aberdeenshire.

The centre provides different courses to assist with individuals gaining the right learning and experience.

Aberdeen Foyer’s Lifeskills is a 12 week programme that is aimed at 16-18 year olds not currently in education, training or employment. The group will work with youths to find out what it is they are interested in and try to achieve it.

Lifeskills aims to increase confidence and self esteem and gives direction and routine to obtain the skills needed to live independently and set goals.

Many of the activities in the programme includes, Confidence to Cook, SMART Thinking - Moral Reasoning, Confidence Building, Smart Money/Workshops, Team Building, Employability - including CV’s, IT Classes up to ECDL Level and many more.

There will also be access to confidential counselling services and smoking and cannabis cessation programmes.

Another course provided is Aberdeen Foyer’s Lifeshaper 12 week programme provided in conjunction with Aberdeen College.

It is a community based rehabilitation programme that is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is looking to address their substance misue. This can range from binge drinking to drug misuse.

Furthermore the centre offers ‘Foyer Futures’, an employability programme available to any individual. The centre will work to build bridges within the local community and forge links with local businesses to establish supportive networks that will result in a meaningful work placements.

The Learning House within the Stevenson Centre is open to the public from 9.00am-3.30pm Monday to friday and provides access internet, email, job club, help with CV’s, lightbytes, keybytes, ECDL and digital skills.

Speaking about the centre, Community Councillor Johnny Lovegrove said:

“I am very pleased that the new building has opened.

“There is a great atmosphere and everyone is friendly so it is a great place for those looking for work.

“I wish them all the best.”