Sweet Treats celebrates its second birthday

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SWEET Treats has just celebrated its second birthday in Fraserburgh.

The Broad Street store has a huge selection of sweets and confectionery available which is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Owner, Angela Anderson, told the Herald of her husbands desire for a change of career when they opened up the shop and what the store has planned for the future.

She said: “I thought the town needed something like Sweet Treats and He was looking for a change of career when we opened up.

“We have a fantastic selection of sweets and confectionery and we have everything from jarred sweets to soft drinks and even favourites like Whippy ice cream.

“We are currently stocking as many retro sweets as possible in the store. We are looking to drive this forward at the moment and get behind it as we believe it could be a great seller.”

Sweets which everyone will remember from their childhood will be available at the store and are sure to bring back some fond childhood memories and remind you of some old school favourite sweets you haven’t had in years.