Thainstone market round-up

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 40 prime cattle at Thainstone, Inverurie today (Thursday).

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (six) averaged 210.4p (-6.7p) and sold to 229p per kg and £1,591.55 gross for a 695kg Limousin from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, and purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries.

Prime heifers (15) averaged 214.6p (+5.9p) and sold to 240p per kg and £1,524 gross for a 635kg Limousin from Roselea, and purchased by Backmuir Livestock, Keith

Young bulls (seven) averaged 176.1p (no comp) and sold to 199p per kg for a 740kg Simmental from Mavsey, Lybster, and £1,582.60 gross for a 820kg British Blue from Shiel, Muir of Fowlis.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (two) averaged 176.3p (no comp) and sold to 217p per kg and £1,540.70 gross for a 710kg Charolais from Balfour Castle, Orkney.

Heifers (ten) averaged 182.1p (+6.2p) and sold to 215p per kg for a 560kg Limousin from Wellheads, Huntly, and £1,492.05 gross for a 735kg Simmental from South Blachrie, Fyvie..

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Parkhill, Greens, Turriff (Lim) 210p.

Prime heifers: Cairncoullie (Lim) 229p; Standingstones, Echt (Lim) 220p; Tillyorn, Corse (Lim) 219p.

Young bulls: Denside, Auchenblae (Cha) 195p; Shiel (BB) 193p; Parkhills Greens (Lim) 177p.

30 to 48 month - Heifers: South Blachrie (Sim) 203p; Upper Milton, Wick (Sim) 199p; Hackland, Sandwick (AA) 177p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Parkhill (Lim) £1,365; Wells Forest, Longhaven (Her) £1,061.50.

Prime heifers: Cairncoullie (Lim) £1,511.40; Glastullich, Nigg (AA) £1,462.60; Tillyorn (Lim) £1,324.95.

Young bulls: Mavsey (Sim) £1,472.60; Cairnton, Lumphanan (AA) £1,446.90; Parkhill (Lim) £1,203.50.

30 to 48 month - Heifers: South Blachrie (Sim) £1,319.90; Upper Milton (Cha) £1,217.20; Wellheads (Lim) £1,204.

Also sold were 235 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (213) averaged 124.7p (-3.4p) and sold to 217.6p per kg for a 540kg British Blue from Caplich, Alness and £1,550 gross for a 895kg Limousin from Cocklarachy, Huntly. Dairy cows (10) averaged 106.5p and sold to 110.3p per kg and £855 gross for a 775kg Friesian from Cleat, Work Road, St Ola and for a 785kg Friesian from Cairngall, Longside.

Farrow bulls (12) averaged 119.4p (+5.5p) and sold to 141p per kg for a 915kg Limousin from Backfield, Drumlithie and £1,510 gross for a 1,220kg Simmental from Mavsey, Lybster.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: How, Sanday (Cha) 187.8p; Buchaam, Strathdon (Lim) 187.1p; Denside, Auchenblae (Cha) 185.8p.

Dairy cows: Cleat (Fri) 110.3p; Cairngall (Fri) 108.9p; Camphill Community, Aberdeen (Ayr) 102.6p.

Farrow bulls: Chapel Park, Mintlaw (BB) 126.3p; Buchaam (Lim) 125.5p; Mavsey (Sim) 123.8p..

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Glastullich (AA) £1,475; Buchaam (Lim), Tullo of Garvock (Cha) £1,310; Burnside of Whitefield, Forglen (Cha) £1,245.

Dairy cows: Cairngall (Fri), Redhouse (Fri), Camphill (Ayr) £775; Cleat (Fri) £735.

Farrow bulls: Headitown of Ord (Sim) £1,490; Cairnbeathie (Sim), Backfield (Lim) £1,290; Chapel Park (BB) £1,250.

ANM then went on to sell 2,148 prime sheep. Old season lambs (2,148) averaged 194.8p per kg (-4.3p) and sold to 231.7p per kg for 41kg Beltex from Hallhill, Kinneff and £100 gross for 53kg Texels from Silverleys, Duncanstone.

Old season SQQ up to 45.5kg (1,588) averaged 199.1p per kg (-5.4p).

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Old season lambs: TexX - Heads of Auchinderran, Keith £99.50, 221.1p; Suf - Whitelums, Gartly £99, Tapiken, Tyrie, Backhill of Thornton 211p; Tex - Colliston, Fordoun £98.50, Nistaben, Harray 222.1p; Cont - Belnaboth, Glenkindie £98, Mains of Leask, Slains, Brodieshill, Alves 214.3p; Bel - Heads of Auchinderran £97.50, Hillbrae, Newmachar 220.5p; SufX - Silverleys £96.50, Da Knowe, Twatt 206.6p; Down - Cockardie, Torphins £95, Backhill of Thornton 206p; Chev - Whitelums £94, Quarryhead, Rosehearty 209p; HB - Hallhill, Kineff £90.50; Cha - Wester Badentyre, Turriff £90, Drumancroy, Portmahomack; 209.2p; Mule - Bin Avenue, Cairnie £90, Daies, Wardhouse 190.5p; GF - Mains of Leask £88.50, Muirfield, Cuminestown 193.2p; BF - Daies £82, Belnaboth 198.7p; ​