Thainstone prices round-up

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 55 prime cattle at Thianstone, Inverurie, on Thursday.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (eight) averaged 217.1p (+3.9p) and sold to 234p per kg and £1,825.20 gross for a 780kg Charolais from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, and purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries.

Prime heifers (38) averaged 208.7p (-5.3p) and sold to 232p per kg for a 625kg Charolais, and £1,464.15 gross for a 645kg Limousin from Cairncoullie.

Young bulls (one) sold to 197p per kg and £1,447.95 gross for a 735kg Charolais from Bruckles, Rothiemay.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (three) averaged 204.3p and sold to 209p per kg and £1,379.40 gross for a 660kg Charolais from Newcraig Farm, Oldmeldrum.

Heifers (five) averaged 175.9p and sold to 199p per kg for a 615kg Limousin, and £1,339.60 gross for a 680kg Limousin from Clashendamer, Fordyce.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Whiteside, Tullynessle (Lim) 227p; Nether Overhill, New Pitsligo (Lim) 218p; Tillyorn, Corse (Lim) 210p.

Prime heifers: Cairncoullie (Lim) 227p; Whiteknowes, Craigievar (Lim) 226p; Tillyorn (Lim) 218p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Darnford, Durris (Cha) 207p; Nether Overhill (Sim) 197p.

Heifers: Clashendamer (Lim) 197p; Newcraig Farm (Cha) 195p; Cornhill, Cullerlie (Lim) 191p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Whiteknowes (Lim) £1,469.70; Nether Overhill (Sim) £1,448.40; Tillyorn (Lim) £1,428.

Prime heifers: Cairncoullie (Cha) £1,450; Whiteknowes (Lim) £1,401.20; Rivefold, Ythanwells (Cha) £1,400.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Nether Overhill (Sim) £1,280.50; Darnford (Cha) £1,252.35.

Heifers: Cornhill (Lim) £1,231.95; Clashendamer (Lim) £1,223.85; Newcraig Farm (Cha) £1,111.50.

Also sold were 202 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (191) averaged 128.1p (-1.8p) and sold to 201.9p per kg for a 530kg British Blue from Housebay, Stronsay and £1,450 gross for a 845kg Simmental from Wester Coull, Tarland.

Dairy cows (three) sold to 100p per kg and £700 gross for a 700kg Friesian from Berriedale Farms, South Ronaldsay.

Farrow bulls (eight) averaged 113.9p (-2.9p) and sold to 136.7p per kg for a 900kg Saler from Darnford, Durris and £1,270 gross for a 1,060kg Limousin from Warth, Twatt.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Reisgill, Lybster (Lim) 188.6p; Kierfold Cottage, Sandwick (Sim) 188.5p; Eastfield of Monaltrie, Ballater (AA) 181.9p.

Farrow bulls: Warth, Twatt (Lim) 119.8p; Fairburn, Longmanhill (Lim) 117.9p; Frustigarth, Balfour (AA) 111p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Eastfield of Monaltrie (AA) £1,310; Millhead (Sim), Lendrum, Turriff (Lim) £1,270; Wester Coull, Tarland (Sim) £1,235.

Farrow bulls: Darnford (Sal) £1,230; Culmaily (Sim) £1,190; Fairburn (Lim) £1,150; Frustigarth (AA) £1,110.​

Also sold were sold 138 head of adult breeding cattle.

A spokesperson said: “All classes increased in value especially heifers and cows with calves at foot short of requirements.”

Leading Prices

Heifer with bull calf: Sim - Mains of Newton, Craigellachie £2,650; LimX - Fairburn, Longmanhill £2,400; SimX - Fariburn £2,350; Lim - North Wells, Rothienorman £2,200; BBX - Fairburn £2,000.

Heifer with heifer calf: Sim - Mains of Newton £2,450; SimX - North Wells £2,400; LimX - Backhill of Seggat, Auchterless, Fairburn £2,100; Lim - North Wells £2,000.

Cow with bull calf: Sim - Mains of Newton £2,600; SimX - Mains of Newton £2,350; LimX - Berriedale, South Ronaldsay £2,100; CharX - Mains of Newton £1,850.