Tourism proposals to benefit the Broch

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The Chair of a Broch tourism group has welcomed proposals to unite funds for Shire and City tourism organisations into one single new body.

Lynda McGuigan, Chair of the Fraserburgh Area Tourism Group, believes that the new proposals will give the Broch more input into how tourism is promoted in Aberdeenshire.

She said: “I think this is a positive move.

“The Broch will have more representation and will have more opportunities to give feed back to the larger group and their will be more money in the pot.”

It has been mooted before that a lot of the funding and focus for Aberdeenshire had been centred on Deeside and Banff coast with towns like fraserburgh missing out.

The new setup would see the amalgamation of the different destination management organisations (DMOs), including Visit Royal Deeside and the Banffshire Coast Tourism Group, into one singular body.

This body would cover all of Aberdeenshire and City and local tourism groups, like the Fraserburgh Area Tourism Group, would feed directly into the new body.

Ms McGuigan, who also sits on the Banffshire Coast Tourism Group and manages the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in the Broch, said: “I am very optimistic about it.

“I think this coast and this town definitely benefit from it and I will definitely be putting forward lots of input about fraserburgh and the tourism group here will definitely be active and be involved.”

The proposed model would see one aberdeenshire Council member of staff placed on the board of the new body and that board alongside a Chief Executive would run the company with staff operating together as one team.

The proposals, by Blue Sail consultants, is currently before the Aberdeenshire Council for comment.