Turning of the tides for harbour

A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.
A major electricity cable project is to get underway at Fraserburgh Harbour.
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Fraserburgh Harbour has announced the completion of a multimillion-pound upgrade which will allow larger vessels to use the Broch port.

The work has created over three-hundred metres of new quay side space which can accommodate deeper draughted vessels of all types.

Andrew Ironside, Fraserbrugh Harbour Master, said: “The project is now complete.

“It will enhance the existing facilities for fishing vessels but it will also allow the port to see its development in other sectors, including supply and standby vessels.”

The north basin of the harbour has been deepened by 5ft which allows bigger turbine maintenance boats to enter the harbour and opens up the lucrative renewables market.

Fraserburgh and District Councillor Charles Buchan, Chair of the Fisheries Working Group, said: “It’s very good that Fraserburgh Harbour is forward thinking and investing in harbour industries.

“They have long term plans about the availability of the harbour to bigger vessels and this will contribute to it.”

Councillor Buchan, who also sits on the North East Scotland Fisheries Development Partnership, said he was “extremely supportive” of the work done.

With the project now complete the port will open to larger vessels at the start of next week.

The completion of the multimillion-pound upgrade comes a month after work started on laying a new £1.5 million electricity cable to the harbour.