Warning from quary managers

WITH the start of the warmer weather and the school holidays, Scottish quarry operators are joining forces to help deter young people from trespassing in quarries and avoid deaths or serious injuries.

The campaign will raise awareness of the potential hazards they expose both themselves and their friends to when they enter a quarry uninvited.

The importance of this safety campaign has been reinforced by the deaths of three teenagers drowned in separate accidents in disused quarries in the UK over the past two months.

Quarry managers are keen that irresponsible adult trespassers who are putting themselves and others at risk in a quest to steal metal and chase cheap thrills are fully aware of the potential of their actions.

The MPA (Mineral Products Association) has created a Facebook page ‘Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries’ to support its campaign and help spread the safety messages to teenagers, parents and teachers.