Warning issued over ‘giant lighters’

ABERDEENSHIRE Trading Standards are warning the public of the potential dangers of some extra large cigarette lighters which have been found on sale in Aberdeenshire.

Testing by colleagues in other parts of the country revealed that some of the lighters failed the relevant safety standards by exhibiting flaring during tests.

This means the flame is not normal and is unpredictable, posing a risk of injury to anyone using them.

The lighters are similar in style and appearance to normal size plastic disposable lighters but are much larger, about four to five times larger, approximately the size of an adult hand. 

The ones brought to the attention of Trading Standards’ Officers are 16cm long and 4cm wide.  Trading Standards Officers have commended the action of local and national retailers who voluntarily removed the unsafe lighters from sale as soon as the dangers were highlighted.

Other brands found on sale in the area have been sent for testing and the results are awaited.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Trading Standards told the Herald: “While there have been no reported incidents connected with this product in Aberdeenshire, there have been elsewhere in the country and we are concerned that members of the public who have bought these may not be aware of the potential dangers.”

If anyone is aware of these products still being sold in Aberdeenshire they are asked to contact Trading Standards on (01467) 628323 or 01346 510505.