What a waste of time say residents

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Fraserburgh residents are up in arms after Aberdeenshire Council announced that it would only be collecting one bin from each household and no excess rubbish.

The plans for waste collection were announced over the summer with local authorities all around Scotland trying to hit national recycling targets.

Concern has been raised due to the council already only collecting waste from Fraserburgh and surrounding areas once every two weeks.

Aberdeenshire Council promises to enforce the strict new rules which will see no excess collected beside the bins. Starting on September 5, any excess rubbish left beside bins at the kerbside and bins that are overflowing will not be collected.

The council is hoping that this will encourage more people to recycle their household waste. Families and larger households have claimed that after every attempt to recycle, excess rubbish will be inevitable because of the bins being collected every fortnight.

Alex from Strichen is worried about the bin collection and feels that the rural areas of Aberdeenshire will suffer when the new plans are rolled out.

She told us: “My nearest recycling centre is in New Pitsligo and with the paper collection only happening once a month the rural areas will start suffering when this starts.

“I have got to wheel my bin to the bottom of the lane and across the road for it to be collected. It has been known for the bin to be left at the bottom of the lane and it is illegal for me to leave the bin there. It is a council ruling.

“What I strongly object to is the amount of money I pay on council tax and they now expect me to do a lot more recycling myself.”

She has had problems with the council before at the start of the year with no collection being made at her household.

“At the start of the year they didn’t collect due to bad weather on the road. The day they said they couldn’t come the road was clear.

“I have been told that the road I live on they can’t turn the lorry on. An articulated lorry carrying sheep has managed to turn on the road before. When they did collect I had 15 bin bags that were waiting to be collected outside of my main bin.”

Ryan from Rosehearty is also against the new plans, saying: “I don’t see how my family is going to manage with the amount of waste we produce. What I want to know is what happens when someone else uses our bin that we don’t know about? Who would I speak to then?

“The new plans are going to cause a lot more problems.”

In an e-mail to the Herald XX Gibb is unhappy with the council’s plans, stating: “I need to write in about the state of this country and the frankly stupid responses we get from the council.

“Having been working for ten months in Angola, Africa, it is like this country was say 15 years ago with refuse collection ie a garbage collector and five guys picking it up.

“But coming home to this country to see a tag on the garbage bin saying that the lid must closed. After two weeks since last collection, well I am sorry and at a loss as to why supposedly well educated council leaders think that a family can for two weeks cut down on rubbish?

“What do they want us to do eat less food? I am all for recycling but the council here just don’t seem to be able to think.

“For example the tag left on the bin says that the council needs to recycle up to 70% now but can only do it with our help, yet I put out cardboard papers all with recycling marks on them and what happens? They lift nothing - so where had I to put it? In the garbage! It’s time the council got a wake up call, why are we paying council tax?

“If they want us to recycle they should provide a proper bin instead of these silly boxes. They say we can have up to six recycling boxes but where are we supposed to keep all these bins - in the kitchen and living room?

“Things need to be sorted and for the council to stop putting everything on the tax payer. We suffer because they have to meet new targets but are unwilling to spend any money to do anything to help.”

Mrs Strachan of Fraserburgh doesn’t know how some larger families will cope.

She warned: “It is a disgrace, it’s once a fortnight can you imagine what bigger families must be thinking? We are paying more on council tax and getting a worse service than a few years ago.”

Brenda from Fraserburgh thinks the scheme will be a good idea if it helps people recycle more.

“The one bin and no excess won’t really affect me, I will manage. If this plan will help and encourage more people to start recycling then I am all for it.”

Others in the area are worried about where their excess rubbish will go.

John from Fraserburgh said: “I know that excess rubbish can be taken to the skip but what happens if you don’t have a car to get to the skip.

“I can’t see bus drivers or passengers being pleased if you got on the bus with your excess rubbish but what are these people suppose to do?”

Currently a black plastic box is provided and people are encouraged to fill it with plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and jars.

While people are acknowledging the effort to encourage more people to recycle some are arguing that not everything can be recycled which makes it difficult to avoid any excess rubbish.

One Fraserburgh woman who did not want to be named said: “What about families with teenagers, the amount of rubbish that can be thrown out due to hair products can’t be recycled. If they have hair dye and such things that can’t be recycled and even then all that waste will just pile up.”

Defending the decision, chairman of Aberdeenshire’s council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Peter Argyle said: “Our staff will take a sensible and common sense approach, but we can not continue to collect extra waste from households.”

“We hope that the majority of people, those we do consider how waste is disposed of and contribute to Aberdeenshire’s recycling effort will welcome this move.”