Whisky which celebrates the Scottish Samurai from Fraserburgh gets third expression

The Glover whiskies names after Fraserburgh's Thomas Blake Glover
The Glover whiskies names after Fraserburgh's Thomas Blake Glover

A whisky which celebrates Fraserburgh's Scottish Samurai and the long trade between Scotland and Japan has been expanded with a third expression.

The Glover, named after Thomas Blake Glover, is a blend of Scottish and Japaneses whiskies spearheaded by Jim Millar and Adelphi Distillery.

Mr Millar said: " “The Glover whiskies are a celebration of Scotland's influence and its international friendships.

"They honour the significant achievements of Thomas Blake Glover who is revered in Japan and celebrate our important relationship with the country, which continues to flourish, especially in the fields of trade, culture and education.”

The 22-year-old version of the whisky, retailed at £1050, and although sold out, bottles have appeared on online auction sites for more than £2000.

About 1500 of the 14 year old version were made, selling at about £100 a bottle while the latest version The Glover 18 (48.6%) is available from Adelphi and whisky specialists, priced around £140.

Mr Millar said: “I am really excited to see the amount of international interest in these whiskies, and it was also great to see the previous editions on sale in luxury retailers including Harvey Nichols and Harrods.”

“A leaflet in both English and Japanese accompanies each bottle and tells the story of Thomas Blake Glover and his links with Aberdeen. It is fantastic that he, and the city are being read about across Japan and fourteen other international markets.”