Wind turbine debate continues


The Fraserburgh Herald asked its readers last week for their thoughts on wind turbines in around Fraserburgh and District.

An array of different views were made clear by readers, some of whom thought wind turbines were a good thing, while others felt that they were blighting the landscape.

This week, a former candidate in the 2012 local elections, George Esslemont, wrote to the Fraserburgh Herald with his opinion on wind turbines.

Mr Esslemont said: “I am writing this letter with regards to the comments taken from your Facebook in our local Fraserburgh Herald this week, due to the fact that you published this information I felt it only right that you should take a response with some common sense facts about turbines.

“. . . They are neither environmentally friendly or efficient in saving carbon, our Government is not being truthful about these units. In a large turbine there is about one tonne of toxic material which at some stage in the future our children will have to get rid of, and where do you think you are going to get power from when it is not windy or when it is too windy, as turbines have been known to catch fire in high wind

“Well let me tell you, it will be from firing up the old, inefficient power stations again to keep your lights on. I say inefficient because it costs more to fire them up on a spasmodic basis than it would to have them running all the time, and, of course, as you seem to have forgotten, they will be producing more carbon while running. ‘Surprise’, that’s your green energy, compliments of the SNP Government, together with a bill to subsidize these turbines that will make your eyes water.”

Meanwhile, on the Fraserburgh Herald’s Facebook page, user Graham Robbie also voiced his concerns over wind turbines, saying: “Conventional power stations have to be run
24/7 for backup when wind drops or [is] too high, where is the logic in that? As for being ‘green’, the carbon footprint in the manufacture and installation of said turbines far outweighs their 25 year lifespan! They are nothing more than cash cows for the privileged few. Wind drops for a week, you still have power. Conventional power stations shut down for a week, the lights go out all over

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