Workers paid-off as processing is exported

The Young's Seafood factory in Fraserburgh
The Young's Seafood factory in Fraserburgh

Workers have already began to lose their jobs at Young’s Seafood in Fraserburgh amid claims that Scottish salmon is now being processed in Poland.

MSP Lewis MacDonald (pictured left) raised concerns in Parliament that Marine Harvest, the company who won Young’s Sainsburys contract, was outsourcing Scottish salmon processing to Poland.

This comes one week after it transpires that 15 Young’s Seafood Ltd employees were made redundant, a figure that will rise to 650 by May next year.

Mr MacDonald said: “The cabinet secretary will be aware of reports that some of Sainsbury’s Scottish salmon is now being processed in Poland or in other countries because the company that won the Scottish salmon supply contract has failed to deliver.”

The MSP asked fellow ministers to investigate the reports and meet with Sainsburys as a matter of urgency.

Mr MacDonald said: “Will they stand up for the hundreds of workers in the north-east who are facing redundancy early in the new year, and press Sainsbury’s to give those workers hope for the future instead of exporting their jobs?”

Young’s Seafood wouldn’t comment on Marine Harvest outsourcing their processing to Poland but did confirm that workers had been paid-off.

A Young’s Seafood Ltd spokesperson said: “We can confirm that 15 people who were made redundant, left the business two weeks ago.

“All have left with enhanced packages, above statutory redundancy, plus pay in lieu of notice.”

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, said in reply to Mr Mac Donald: “We have been actively involved in all the discussions about trying to preserve and protect employment in Fraserburgh.

“I will certainly ensure that the reports to which Mr MacDonald referred are looked into, and that any relevant issues are raised with

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “We are absolutely committed to sourcing our salmon from Scotland and all our own-brand fresh salmon is Scottish.”