Call to aid Ritchie Hall made to locals

Ritchie Hall, Strichen.
Ritchie Hall, Strichen.

A small group of local volunteers in Strichen are seeking the aid of locals to aid the village’s Ritchie Hall after membership numbers have dwindled.

The group had once had over 30 members before committee numbers fell to less than 10. As a result, the Ritchie Hall Committee of Strichen are on the search for new, active volunteers.

In a letter that is being circulated through Strichen, the group are asking residents who may have happy memories of using the hall as a youngster attending a group or party function to lend a hand with the facility’s future.

“Don’t you want the hall to be there for your kids and grandchildren for years to come? Strichen needs its village hall. It plays an important part in our village and we would be lost without it,” they say.

The letter adds: “The Ritchie Hall is one of the best hall facilities in the area and is used more and more each year. It is used by local people privately and by groups as well as people in the surrounding area.

“Sadly, we did not expect after years of planning, fundraising and applying for grants to allow us to add an extension to toilet/shower and changing facilities, add a disabled toilet, install a new kitchen, and upgrade the hall in general, to have such a small committee to actually run it.”

For those interested in joining the committee, the group meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the GP room fo the Ritchie Hall at 7:30pm. Alternatively, those interested in joining can contact Andrea on telephone number 637355, Judy on 637447, or Wilma on 622025.

“Please help us to continue to run the hall as best we can. We are not asking for much of your time as we know everyone has busy lifestyles and lots of other commitments.

“If you can spare a little time once a month to come along and join us, then please do offer your support.

“However, if you are unable to commit to joining or committee then please let us know that we can count on your help when organising fundraising events,” he committee say in their letter.

The Ritchie Hall Committee’s annual general meeting, where suggestions and ideas are welcomed, is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 30, at 8pm in the Ritchie Hall.

All are welcome to attend this meeting.