Camera Club gets exotic with Caribbean cruise

At the last Camera Club meeting on Thursday 17 November, member Jim Gray took the group on a Caribbean cruise, making everyone jealous in the process with his recollections of the tropical climate that he experienced.

Travelling there was made easy by the agency Mr. Gray used, with the ship catering to all of his needs, and he took time to describe to the Camera Club all of the ports called from the British Virgin Islands all the way to South-most Grenada.

Although admitting to be no gardener, he did record the amazing range of flowers, ferns and unusual trees that abounded.

A three-hour train journey on a narrow gauge and a very “shoogly” machine tasked his snapping abilities, but he managed that very well – despite the aches and pains he expereienced afterwards.

Although the Islands sported the usual tourist attractions, they all had their own unique features and Mr. Gray made a point of capturing them all.

Mr. Gray will continue his voyage with the Camera Club at the next meeting.

On Thursday 1 December, the third monthly competition will be judged.

“Zoom in!”