Candidates Announced!

Local election results were announced today at Aberdeen’s AECC.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th May 2012, 11:55 am

Fraserburgh and district saw three councillors re-elected; Brian Topping, Ian Tait and Michael Watt and Charles Buchan (SNP) was the fourth candidate to win a seat.

Brian Topping had said previously to the election: “I’ve campaigned successfully for many improvements and facilities in the town.

“It is very important that we all work closely together to achieve the best results for our community.

“Some problems for us to tackle together to prevent: Drinking in public places, litter and dog fouling and vandalism.

“My view is simple ZERO TOLERANCE! As a Harbour Commissioner I’m delighted that we received a £7.5 million grant from the SNP Scottish Government towards harbour improvements. This will help support our fishing industry and hopefully attract new businesses and safeguard existing harbour related businesses. Encourage council and others to positively promote the Fraserburgh area as a good place for business and industry to locate to. This would bring much needed jobs to regenerate our town centre.

“I will continue to : Push for a new school for Rathen/Memsie Revisit sheltered housing warden service, support our local emergency services, instil civic pride, make our area a safer, cleaner and better place to live, work and visit.

Charles Buchan also commented on what he wants for the town: “I want to give something back to my local community and to continue my years of service to the public as one of your local councillors.

“I want to build on the present progress in improving Fraserburgh’s amenities.  Even with the new pool and leisure complex, the revamped College, and the improvements in infrastructure, there is still much to be done.

“We can change Aberdeenshire Council for the better. 

“The basis of a thriving community is good jobs, a good environment, and profitable businesses.  I want Fraserburgh to be “open for business”.  We need our share of new investment in industrial centres, to stop businesses being lured away to Ellon and Aberdeen.  Having short-term free parking will help our town centre shops.  

“We need to attract a good business- class hotel to the area, to enhance business opportunities, and to stop revenue from functions and weddings leaving the town.

“I shall strive to improve our social amenities, to back the council tax freeze, and retain bus passes.  The Sheltered Housing staffing problem must be addressed.  Rents should be pegged at CPI, not at RPI. Dog-fouling must be controlled, and sports hubs, and minority sports, supported.”

Independent Ian Tait was also re-elected he said:

“A few of the things I will do is ensure the parking improvements at Cairnbulg/Inverallochy cemetery and the extension are kept on track; Press for funding to compile a comprehensive portfolio of the assets in the area including available premises, tourist and business advantages and to compile a new marketing strategy for the area to be sent out to all possible developers encouraging them to come to town.

“ I will also press the council to re-market the piece of ground across from Fraserburgh cemetery for an appropriate use also providing car parking for use by visitors to the cemetery and support Fraserburgh Harbour Board to improve the port’s facilities.

“I will also press owners of the boarded up properties in the town centre to make greater efforts to sell them off or at least improve their appearance; Press for more Bobbies on the Beat to counteract anti-social behaviour.”

Michael Watt had previously commented: “There is great potential in Fraserburgh and District, our future looks good. My slogan is Think positive! Think Fraserburgh and District.

“Over the years there have been great successes with events like the Vintage Car Rally, Moonlight Prowl and the Gospel Convention, demonstrating how great the Broch is.

“My ambition is to create and develop opportunities for events like these to thrive and grow. Weekly, we read about successful folk in our area ranging from surfing, martial arts, swimming, drama groups and academy pupils.

Safety on our streets is a number one concern, especially for the elderly population. Anti-social behavior and reduction in dog fouling will be issues I will give priority to.

“We need more shops, a marina, a bridge over the Philorth, and new enterprises.

Being involved in establishing Fraserburgh Forward group early in 2011, I am delighted to see how we have grown to a formidable team working for the benefit of the town having merged with Fraserburgh Business Association.

“I will continue to work towards this by creating the right environment for investors to realise the potential Fraserburgh and District has. Fraserburgh and District’s history is fascinating but we don’t want to be known as a ‘has been’ town, but rather as a will be place!”