Cash windfall for 
Y Suffer in Silence

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Two local women have raised a magnificent £700 for a Fraserburgh support group.

Heather Francome and Kirsteen Scott organised a musical tribute night in aid of the Y Suffer in Silence charity.

The Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash tribute evening was a great success and the support from the local community has been welcomed by the charity.

Chairman Paul Greenall said: “I would I would like to thank the organisers for organising the tribute night which was most enjoyable .

“I would also like to say that it is fantastic that people from the community are coming forward to support our charity. I feel we are building a good, trusting relationship within the community of Fraserburgh and the surrounding area which I feel is vital for our type of organisation.”

Y Suffer in Silence has just celebrated its first year as a charity and is going from strength to strength.

From its humble beginnings in a one-room rented property, it now has its own premises and is launching its own call centre and offering support lines to reach out to the most vulnerable.

Paul continued: “Focusing on 2018, I feel we have a lot of challenges ahead and obstacles to try and get round. The obstacles are firstly money - we are a free service and we are all volunteers within this charity. So without the generosity of the public and the kind-hearted individuals that go out of their way to raise funds for us we would struggle and on that note we really appreciate all the donations that we have received so far.”

On the subject of funding generally, Mr Greenall said he felt less a money is being made available to address mental health issues.

He claimed that those making the decisions on how money is spent on the issue do not understand mental health.

Mr Greenall added: “The second obstacle is to try and break into the circle of where all the funding goes within this community. Our charity can run a full year on £6,600. It doesn’t sound a lot, especially if you put it against one life.

“Our charity has supported nearly 200 clients and five active suicides within its first year. Having supported one active suicide and making a difference, I feel £6,600 has been well spent. And that’s with just one of the above outcomes, this doesn’t take into consideration the group support, one-to-one support and telephone help we offer.”

The charity is also looking at bridging the gap where people feel they may not fall under the ‘mental health’ label.