Cemetery path resurfaced

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Councillor Brian Topping is hoping as part of this years Council budget to get the Kirkton Cemetery paths resurfaced.

At the moment, many of the paths that navigate around headstones are very muddy and in winter can become very icy.

Cllr Topping said:

“A number of constituents have raised this issue. The areas around the cemetery which are used a lot are very muddy and these paths which have been highlighted will hopefully be resurfaced as part of this years budget.

“If the paths were tarred it would be a much cleaner and easier to use cemetery. People have a hard enough time when they visit the cemetery and so sorting out these paths is just one step to make their visit a little easier.

“I already had the facilities in the cemetery improved with the repainting of the toilets and hand towel dispensers. Recently there was also two bus stops erected outside the cemetery to make it easier for those making regular visits to loved ones.

“We will also look into improving the gate at the cemetery as many constituents find it difficult to open and close especially in the colder winter. We can hopefully look into these improvements in April in the new budget.”