Centenary Texas Scramble

Inverallochy Golf Club hosted the Centenary Texas Scramble on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support Fraserburgh Committee on Sunday, July 24. Results were as follows:

Players from host club unless stated: CB Cruden Bay; F Fraserburgh; K Keith; Kn Kintore; L Longside.

Handicap: ‘Kieth Loons’ - G. Simpson (K), F. Logan (K), A. Davidson (Kn), S. Black (Kn) - (4.5) 56.5; ‘Dippity Doo Dahs’ - J. Mair, G. Young (F), R. Uri (CB), H. Uri - (7.2) 56.8; ‘Watrog’ - G. Watt, J. Roger, S. Roger, M. Watt - (4.8) 57.2; ‘Eggheads‘ - A. Strachan, R. Strachan, R. T. Whyte, A. Bruce - (2.3) 57.7; ‘2 Bulls and 4 udders’ - D. Milne, J. Milne, G. Bruce (F), L. Bearcroft - (9.2) 57.8.

Nearest the hole (Men) at second: B. Connon; (Women) at eighthh: H. Uri.

Longest Drive (Men) at sixth: R. Summers; (Women) at fourth: C. Thomson (L).

Best Team Name: ‘Glad rags and old bags’ - H. Robertson (L), F. Taylor (L), K. Allan (L), C. Thomson (L).

Team with 100th person to tee off: ‘Dippity Doo Dahs’.