Charity helping people come to terms with sight loss

John Legg at the RNIB "This is Working" launch
John Legg at the RNIB "This is Working" launch

Enhancing support for people in Grampian who are newly diagnosed with sight loss is among the activities that a Scottish charity is undertaking in 2015.

Over 2,000 people are formally registered as blind or partially sighted in the Grampian area, but RNIB Scotland estimates the real total could be significantly higher.

“We are embarking on an ambitious slate of new activities this year,” said director John Legg. “Even in times of austerity it is vital that those with sight loss are not left behind. Because we are an ageing population, and sight-threatening conditions such as diabetes are on the rise, the numbers of people experiencing problems with vision could double by 2030.”

A key aim in 2015 will be to ensure that all those who are newly diagnosed with a sight problem receive the vital emotional and practical support needed to come to terms with their condition.

“Being told you are losing your sight can be devastating news,” Legg explained.

“We will join forces with North East Sensory Services to help expand their existing support service so we can reach out to more people in Grampian.

“Together, we will work at that crucial early stage to reassure people and help them to find their lives again.”