Cheers donation to Fraserburgh lifeboat

Dennis Forsyth presents the cheque to Victor Sutherland.
Dennis Forsyth presents the cheque to Victor Sutherland.

Dennis Forsyth, proprietor of the award winning family pub Cheers, visited the lifeboat recently with his fiancee and two of his young family to present Coxswain Vic Sutherland with a cheque for £300 for Fraserburgh Lifeboat funds.

Dennis had ran a sweeper amongst Cheers regulars to guess the time his new baby boy, son Hunter, now nearly four weeks old, was born and then matched the amount raised bringing the total to £300.

Dennis along with fiancée and partner of 10 years Dawn Russell and bairns Morgan and Hunter went along to present coxswain Victor with the cheque on board the Fraserburgh Lifeboat, the “Willie and May Gall”.

Dennis said: “The story behind the donation is that we made up a sweeper ticket to guess the time Hunter was born.

“There was approximately 100 different boxes with a time on each of them. It was £1 to enter.

The correct entry received a £50 prize and the rest went to the RNLI. The sweepers were so popular we sold three sheets and raised nearly £150. We then doubled the figure to £300.

“We’ve always had an excellent response from customers, friends and family when doing anything charitable and we all believe that the RNLI is a very special and worthwhile cause, so we were delighted to give the cheque to Victor today.”

Hunter was born at 4:03pm on May 11.

Victor said: “Everyone at Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station is extremely grateful to Dennis and the regulars of Cheers for making this very generous donation. Without contributions like this we would not be able to do the work we do, which is to save lives at sea”