Cllr Michael Watt positive about 2012

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Councillor Michael Watt says that he would like to see changes in Fraserburgh in 2012, adding that the harbour will play an important role in the town’s redevelopment.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Councillor Watt said: “2011 was a good year for clearing the decks.

“I see 2012 as being a year of change.

“We need young people to move the town forward, and we need people to come in and take over the empty shops in the town centre.

“There have been talks of setting up a Fraserburgh gala in the future, which is a positive thing.

“Fraserburgh Harbour has an important role to play in the town’s future, too,” he added.

“I will be presenting a petition to the harbour board that could see a marina facility created.

“Every marina in Scotland has a waiting list of three to five years. Shetland has 25 and their weather is a lot worse than ours.

“The weather, although different, attracts people to the area.

“There were several private yachts in Fraserburgh Harbour last year. Having a marina in Fraserburgh will only attract more money into the town.

“We have the best location in Scotland, really, for a marina. Nowhere else is the town centre so close to the harbour.

“I believe that the demand is there.

“We have a huge asset that is not being used.”

Councillor Watt went on to suggest that with the quality of Fraserburgh’s seafood, a marina would be a perfect marriage for the town.

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