Cold water issue threatens pool’s warm reception

The temperature of Fraserburgh’s new swimming pool has not been met with the same warm reception the building itself was given when it finally opened earlier this month.

Instead, the brisk temperature of the swimming pool has seen the Fraserburgh Herald receive a complaint that people no longer wanted to take the plunge into the facility’s waters.

Local man David Sim recently contacted the Fraserburgh Herald with his views on the problem at the new pool, his son and daughter keen to avoid the chill of the water for now.

“My daughter who frequently attended the old pool with her friends who had a membership there has said she no longer wants a membership at the new pool as the water was so cold; her and her friends said their teeth were physically chattering!

“My son came back with same comments,” Mr Sim explained.

Mr Sim went on to label the temperature “a disgrace” and “a shame,” adding that people will be drawn to the town to test the new pool, but never come back after experiencing the water for themselves.

“This needs to be rectified very quickly,” said Mr Sim.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of lifelong learning and leisure, John Harding, responded to the temperature claims, saying: “The temperature of the main pool is set at 29 degrees centigrade, and the trainer pool at 31, and these rarely fluctuate more than a degree in either direction.

“These temperatures are standard across all our pools at Aberdeenshire and are in line with national guidance.”