Colossal £15,000 to move bus shelter 10m

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The wisdom behind the decision to move a bus shelter a matter of metres at a cost of £15,000 has been questioned by residents of Inverallochy.

They believe that given the current economic climate of council cutbacks, the money would have been far better spent elsewhere.

The bus shelter located in the village’s turning circle has been moved a mere 10 metres from the far side of the locus to a more central position.

However, residents claim that this new position will leave passengers exposed to the elements providing little shelter from the wind and rain.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, told the Herald: “The old bus shelter was located at the top of the turning circle and provided some protection from the elements, especially when the wind and rain were coming in off the sea.

“The position of the new shelter, facing directly towards the shore, leaves passengers completely exposed to the North Sea wind.

“We just cannot see the sense of moving it at the considerable expense involved especially when frontline services are being cut.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson told the Herald that the £15,000 capital expenditure was triggered when Stagecoach Bluebird introduced new buses on the route.

The spokesperson said: “The changes/improvements to the turning circle and bus shelter were triggered by Stagecoach Bluebird’s introduction of new Volvo B12 buses on the Buchan corridor.

“These were introduced to help elevate passenger capacity issues that they where experiencing on that corridor.

“It was brought to the council’s attention that the new 15m buses were having difficulties accessing the existing boarding kerbs at the shelter with further difficulties when leaving the turning circle due to the additional length of the new coaches.

“It was agreed that as part of our 2010/11 capital spend, monies would be made available to re-align the turning circle, and move the shelter some 10m to improve bus and passenger access to and from the shelter. The re-alignment and shelter move came to £15,000.

“The shelter is now no longer hidden from sight which will also reduce the opportunity for vandalism.”