Comments invited on housing policy

Aberdeenshire Council is reviewing the way housing is allocated to people on the council’s waiting list and inviting comments on the changes.

The proposals to streamline the allocation system and make best use of the housing stock include combining areas to create larger letting areas and reducing the minimum number of areas applicants have to select from five to two.

Other proposals include reducing the number of reasonable offers from two to one offer for all applicants; introducing a suspension period of 12 months for eviction for anti-social behaviour or for using the house or allowing the house to be used for immoral or illegal purposes or an offence punishable by imprisonment committed in, or in the locality of the house and combining the current letting areas of Buchanhaven, Clerkhill, Middle Grange and Town Centre in Peterhead into one area.

Comments can be submitted until September 30 and can be made in writing to:

Douglas Edwardson, Head of Housing, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB or by e-mailing