Community Council AGM Meeting

The annual AGM meeting of the Community Council was held on Tuesday May 15 at the Council chambers.

The meeting began with asking if there were any nominations for various roles within the Community Council. Ronnie McNab, Mary Melville, Johnny Lovegrove and Jim Page were re-elected as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

Present at the meeting were Councillors Ian Tait and Brian Topping and newly elected Charles Buchan. Ronnie McNab congratulated the councillors for gaining their seats within the council.

One issue brought up at the meeting to the councillors was the litter and dog fouling around the town. Cllr Buchan said he had been approached by a constituent who said the litter was ‘particularly bad’ at Broad Street.

Cllr Brian Topping informed the Community Council that with the new building at the Co-op, the recycling centre there is going to be moved to the GIC building while the work goes ahead. This should return to the Co-op around December time.

Cllr Tait mentioned that there had been a number of complaints regarding the washing machines at Windmill Court which Cllr Topping agreed and said that a new industrial washing machine was to be delivered to Windmill Court soon.

The problem of speeders around the town was a hot topic yet again at the meeting. One member of the public who lives on Commerce Street. He said that cars speed along his street and around Broad Street, Mid Street late at night and the problem has not been dealt with by the Council or by police. He suggested that speed cameras be erected to catch those who are breaking the law by speeding through the streets. Cllr Ian Tait replied: “This is a matter that the council cannot deal with as it is criminal. What you need to do is contact the police, as the more people who raise the issue, the more likely the police will deal with it and try to put something in force.”

The Community Council agreed that they would write a letter on behalf of constituents to the police to highlight the issue.

Another member of the public enquired to what was happening with plans to put in a ‘Wetherspoons’. Councillors explained that plans had been approved and it was now out of their hands. The businesses involved are now in control of deciding when work will begin.

The meeting closed with the community council voting against the erection of wind turbines at the harbour, The Harbour had previously asked the community council if they would support the application.