Community Council attracts new faces


At the Rosehearty Community Council’s AGM last Thursday, the members discussed the successes of the year past, and planned for their future.

The Community Council told spectators that, throughout the year, they had dealt with under-age youth drinking and antisocial behaviour requests from two groups of youths in the community.

In order to continue this, they had requested more foot patrols from Grampian Police.

In the coming year, they said that they would continue to push for new members and push for Aberdeenshire Council to spend more money in the area.

In the changes made to the Community Council of Rosehearty, ahead of the May elections, Graham Collie was elected as Vice Chairperson of the Community Council.

Mr Collie made it clear, however, that he would only be taking the role on in a temporary capacity.

Following a plea for new members, two members of the public were present to join the Community Council.

Kevin Bruce and Steven Craig, both spectators at the AGM, were accepted as members of the Community Council by the members present.

The next Community Council meeting will be held on May 3.