Community council gets works update

Delighted: Councillor Topping hopes that improvements will continue in the town.
Delighted: Councillor Topping hopes that improvements will continue in the town.

Councillor Brian Topping told last week’s meeting of Fraserburgh Community Council that he happy with the part he has played in getting work done in and around the Broch.

Councillor Topping, said there been comments in the paper saying he had “nothing to do with this”, but maintained he had all the evidence to say that he was in contact with the council about the replacement of picnic tables at the Waters of Philorth.

He went on to relay to the community council the work he had been carrying out on behalf of his constituents in recent weeks.

Raising the issue many years ago, Cllr Topping said that he was delighted to learn that council garages in Arisaig Drive would be re-roofed and improved.

The SNP councillor also said that he was happy to discover that over 2013/14, council houses in Arisaig Drive would be connected to the gas network, and in 2014/15, the streets surrounding Arisaig Drive would also be connected.

Other issues raised by the councillor included a new slide at the beach, replacing the old one which he commented was not “100% safe,” and his efforts to save the squash courts at the current swimming pool.

“At the time of the consultation for the new complex, the squash courts were barely used,” he told the community council.

“Over recent months, you can barely get onto the courts . . . It would be a pity to lose them,” he said.

His fellow SNP candidates in the May election, Ricky Sheaffe-Greene and Charles Buchan had previously spoken out on the situation.

Cllr Topping hopes that when the swimming pool is demolished, the courts can be retained, believing that local people may take it over in the future.