Community Council hosts lively debate on subject of new street naming

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Vice chair of Fraserburgh’s Community Council, Mary Melville, spoke looking for support in her effort to name Fraserburgh’s new street, near Quarry Road, McDonald Place after a Banff-born war hero.

Speaking at last week’s meeting of the community council, the vice chair looked to find support in her peers for the suggestion, seeking the endorsement of the group.Going into detail about Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McDonald, who set up a business in Fraserburgh before the outbreak of World War One, when he was sent to fight.

Rapidly rising through the ranks, Samuel latterly returned to the North-east and died, aged 79, suddenly during a speech at Aberdeen Music Hall.

However, opinions were mixed at the meeting last Tuesday, with one member of the group suggesting that it should be named after someone everyone knows.

Iris Alexander, one of Fraserburgh’s newest community councillors, instead suggested that the street be named after William Wallace, because everyone knew who he was and what he did for the country of Scotland.

The debate over the street name continued until the meeting came to a close at around 9pm.

Treasurer of the community council, John Lovegrove, meanwhile, has suggested that the street be named after Irish-born singer Daniel O’Donnell, Mr Lovegrove a member of his fan club.

Councillors will ultimately decide upon the name for Fraserburgh’s new street, the four Fraserburgh and district councillors given the chance to come to a unanimous decision.

Should they not, the decision will be made by the Banff and Buchan Area Committee later this year.