Community Council turn down harbour request

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Fraserburgh Community Council last week agreed not to support the erection of two 77-metre wind turbines at Fraserburgh Harbour, having been asked to write a letter of support for the project.

Responding to the correspondence from Fraserburgh Harbour’s commissioners, community councillor Doug Simpson said: “I’m not against them, but I don’t think that the harbour is the right place for them.”

Ronnie McNab, community council chairperson, said that the general consensus was that they did not support the development at the harbour.

The application, available to view on Aberdeenshire Council’s website, was made on April 3 by Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners’ agent, Green Cat Renewables Ltd.

No comments from the public have yet been published on the application, which is open to members of the public until May 24.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Harbour Master Andrew Ironside said: “Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners have at all times, whilst investigating the possibility of having wind turbines at the port, attempted, through public consultation and other means, to keep the members of the public up to speed with how the project is progressing.

“It is also worth noting that the income generated from the turbines will create a community fund where an independent panel will assess valid applications and distribute monies to local projects and groups”.

Regarding the Community Council’s decision to not support the turbines in a letter of support, Mr Ironside added that the Harbour Commissioners “will be willing to discuss with the Community Council any concerns they have with the project at any time”

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