Community representatives sought for licensing forum

Aberdeenshire’s licensing forums are looking for new members who are interested in the impact of licensing decisions in their area and who would help to monitor the way pubs and events operate, offering practical suggestions to ensure they are safe.

Convener of the South Aberdeenshire Licensing Forum John Kinsella said: “With recent high-profile incidents in the UK of a child being served alcohol by accident at a birthday party in a restaurant and a teenager given liquid nitrogen in a cocktail at a nightclub - it is vital that licence holders are operating responsibly.

“We know that most are doing so but the forum working alongside the board can ensure that establishments and events where alcohol is served in Aberdeenshire are run safely and responsibly. I encourage people to apply.”

Aberdeenshire’s Licensing Forums work to keep the operation of the Licensing Act in the area under review, give advice, make recommendations to the Licensing Board and are ultimately the community’s voice on liquor licensing issues.

Part of the work also includes increasing public awareness and community involvement in licensing issues.

Aberdeenshire Council has three licensing forums, one in each of its three Licensing Board Divisions: North meets in Banff or Peterhead; Central meets in Inverurie and South meets in Stonehaven.

More young people (over 16 for the North Forum and over 18 for the Central and South Forums) as well as residents and licence holders within Aberdeenshire are encouraged to join the forums who will sit alongside health, education or social work professionals and a representative from Grampian Police.

The aims are to prevent crime and disorder, secure public safety, prevent public nuisance, protect and improve public health, and to protect children from harm.

Although independent from the Licensing Board, the forum in each area shares a common goal and has the local community’s best interests at the heart of the decision

Attendance is expected at four meetings within the year (January, March, June and October) in addition to one joint meeting with the Licensing Board each year.

If you are interested in joining an Aberdeenshire Licensing Forum then further information and an application form can be obtained from: Victoria McCaskill, Corporate Services, Aberdeenshire Council, Woodhill House, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB.

Alternatively, call 01224 665103 or email

For additional information you can visit the Licensing Forum pages on Aberdeenshire Council’s website at: