Continued library works welcomed by councillor

Fraserburgh's library.
Fraserburgh's library.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has welcomed further roof improvement work at Fraserburgh’s library.

Highlighting the building’s importance to the town’s heritage, the councillor told us that ongoing works to the roof have been delayed while a report is received by structural engineers on the building’s dome and tower.

“When they started to undertake the work on the building it emerged that there may be works that might be required to maintain the dome structure and that it would be expedient to undertake the work while contractors were on-site doing the roof repairs,” he told us.

The delay, while they wait for the report from the engineers, is expected to cause a two-week delay. There will also be a review in the need for scaffolding in and around the building, the councillor suggested.

“It makes sense to do these works on the dome at this time, and it would cost less to do them now while the contractors are dealing with the roof anyway.

“This building is part of our heritage and it is right that money is spent on it to ensure it is structurally sound.”