Council ‘are ignoring us’ claims Fraserburgh family

Rhind family in the garden where they got married and brought their son up
Rhind family in the garden where they got married and brought their son up

A FRASERBURGH family claims to have been ignored by Aberdeenshire Council after complaining about numerous problems in their neighbourhood.

David Rhind and his family have been plagued by problems in their community, including anti-social behaviour and vandalism, and are desperate to leave the area despite all the memories they have accumulated since they first moved in to their home 15 years ago.

Speaking to the Herald earlier this week, Mr Rhind said: “We have had problems in this area for around the last two years. We have tried contacting the council but have had no response.

“We applied for emergency accommodation and were refused. We have been here for 15 years, my wife and I got married in the back garden, our son was brought up here.”

The family have contacted MSP Stewart Stevenson to help with their issues, but have as yet still to receive a reply from the council.

Mr Stevenson has been sending letters to the council and Grampian Police in a bid to help the family.

Grampian Police confirmed in a letter to the MSP that they had received five noise complaints in the area and had agreed that with one of the complaints the noise had been ‘excessive’.

A spokesperson for Mr Stevenson’s office confirmed that he was unable to comment on individual cases for reasons of confidentiality.

The family has also seen their trampoline slashed by an unknown person and have been refused emergency accommodation.

Mr Rhind continued: “Our son loved playing on that trampoline and now someone has taken that away from him. We’re at the last straw; we feel like prisoners in our own home.”

The Herald contacted Aberdeenshire regarding the Rhind family’s situation and a spokeswoman said: “We always respond quickly to reports of anti-social behaviour, providing support where necessary and have a range of tools to deal with these issues, where appropriate we also work closely with partners such as Grampian Police.

“Housing officers have investigated complaints from tenants Mr and Mrs Rhind in line with our procedures and had provided advice in order to gather evidence as the initial investigations uncovered no additional grievances from surrounding neighbours.

“A request to install sound recording equipment was, however, declined.

“We are working on a solution for all concerned and suggest that tenants contact the housing service direct to discuss any further concerns.”