Council looks into Kirkton’s stiff gates

Fraserburgh's cemetery.
Fraserburgh's cemetery.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of roads and landscaping, Philip McKay, has told the Fraserburgh Herald that the gates at Kirkton Cemetery have been fixed.

The cemetery gates had recently come under scrutiny following a posting on the Facebook group ‘Fraserburgh - Brochers and proud of it’.

Following discussions with members of the public, it had come to light that the gates were perhaps too heavy for elderly or disabled persons to open easily.

Having been contacted by the Fraserburgh Herald on the subject, Mr McKay said: “Following reports that the vehicular gate was difficult to open and close, adjustments have now been made to make this easier.”

There had also been discussions online over the locking times of the gates, or whether or not they should be locked at all for members of the public wishing to gain access to the resting place of loved ones.

Mr McKay clarified the situation to the Herald saying: “Neither the vehicular or pedestrian gates at Kirkton Cemetery are locked at any time.”

You can contact the council on matters such as this via the ‘have your say’ form at