Council looks to improve Broch


Following the Treasurer’s report, the Fraserburgh Community Council discussed ways in which to best put to use the money they had available.

With over £1200 in the bank, the Community Council agreed that the money would be best spent improving the image of the town.

Community Council member Mr Simpson suggested that flowers should be planted around the bypass, and that now would be the best time to contact Aberdeenshire Council about the matter.

Mr Simpson said that it would do no harm to spend £200-300 on bulbs to plant across the perimeter of the town.

Secretary Mr Page replied that the had contacted the relevant office at Aberdeenshire Council about the issue in the past, and was told that he would need to first check to see if the issue more relevant to BEAR Scotland.

Vice Chair Ms Melville informed the Community Council that she was to attend a follow-up meeting to discuss the issues found by Aberdeenshire Council around the town.

These included damage to pavements and the state of signage throughout the town.

On-street parking was again discussed at the meeting of the Community Council this month, the Fraserburgh Herald reporting previously about the issues of Broad Street businesses using traffic cones to block parking spaces to take deliveries.

A member of the Community Council suggested that other businesses are capable of running their stores without traffic cones.

The next meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council will take pace on May 15, at 7pm in the Council Chambers, Saltoun Square.

As with all meetings of the Community Council, it will be open to the public.