Council set to tackle Gallowhill Road ‘issues’

ABERDEENSHIRE Council have taken steps to ensure that the bus stop at Gallowhill Road, near Finlayson Street, will be better accessible for members of the public, Councillor Brian Topping has told the Fraserburgh Herald.

Aberdeenshire Council plan to implement 24-hour restrictions at Gallowhill Road, covering the bus stop and parts of Finlayson Street to prevent cars parking and subsequently blocking safe access into and out of buses.

The move should also make it safer to cross the street at the junction, with cars, at present, regularly parking on both sides of the street.

Speaking on the move by Aberdeenshire Council, Fraserburgh and District councillor Brian Topping said: “This is the second time I have raised the issue about Gallowhill Road. Constituents have been in touch who are concerned about getting across the road safely.

“The bus company could not , nine times out of ten, get stopped at the bus stop.

“Aberdeenshire Council are not going to put down double yellow lines, what they’re actually putting down, after talking to the bus company, is what you call ‘clear ways’.

“There has been a consultation with people directly affected, and we’re still waiting to hear back from that.

“It should ease up the traffic situation for people trying to get across the street, and for the bus company.

“I’m certainly delighted that this time [Aberdeenshire Council] are taking action,” the councillor added.