Council to consider crossing warden at busy Buchan Road

Traffic pictured heading along Buchan Road during a recent school morning
Traffic pictured heading along Buchan Road during a recent school morning

Residents of Fraserburgh’s Buchan Road are delighted that Aberdeenshire Council has agreed to look into the viability of posting a school crossing warden on the busy stretch.

Resident, Bruce Farquhar, launched a petition to rally support for the introduction of a crossing patrol and a 20mph speed limit restriction on the busy road after he counted more than 160 vehicles in a 20-minute period.

Brian Topping pictured on the busy by-pass where children have to cross the 40 mph road

Brian Topping pictured on the busy by-pass where children have to cross the 40 mph road

He told the Herald: “The volume of traffic on Buchan Road in the morning before college is horrendous. One morning while I was waiting for the school bus I counted 164 cars between 8.30am and 8.50am.

“Taking into consideration that the college is not operating at full capacity at the minute the problem is only going to get worse. That coupled with the amount of cars that are parked at the side of the road makes it extremely hazardous for children to cross the road safely and catch the bus to take them to school.

“One child was already knocked down in the area some time ago and as far as I am aware the driver was never found.”

Mr Farquhar contacted councillors Brian Topping and Michael Watt to assist him with his quest to make Buchan Road safer for children to cross.

Bruce Farquhar pictured looking up Henderson Road

Bruce Farquhar pictured looking up Henderson Road

Commenting Councillor Watt said: “The situation at Buchan Road early in the morning is very serious and I have been discussing the urgency with both the roads department and education officers. I have been assured that the situation is being dealt with and a survey has been given the go ahead.

“There is a petition going around Fraserburgh requesting this is given high priority and a large number of signatures have added comments regarding the urgency of this matter and the danger to children early in the school day mornings.”

Councillor Topping added: “A traffic survey of the area was carried out a number of years ago, and work was completed as a result of this with a barrier in Arisaig Drive being erected.

“I have again contacted the relevant departments and asked for a further survey to be undertaken and made it clear that it is imperative that any new survey carried out is done so when the college is fully operational.

“Children’s safety is crucial and I have grave concerns about this issue in Buchan Road and also on Boothby Road, where children are crossing the bypass.

“This has a 40 mph speed limit and there is also a high volume of hgv traffic travelling on this road. As a matter of urgency crossing patrols are needed in both of these areas and I have been discussing these issues with Alan Burns, principal roads engineer for the area and renewing my calls for a school crossing patroller on the by-pass.

“School crossing patrollers in these areas would also help ease congestion at schools as parents would be secure in the knowledge that children would be able to walk to school safely hopefully encouraging parents to leaving their cars at home, especially in the better weather.”

Aberdeenshire Council contacted Bruce Farquhar last week, Mr Farquhar continued: “Alan Burns contacted me last week and advised me that they were going to try and arrange for a temporary patroller to be situated at the shops on Buchan Road until the summer holidays and then by the time the schools return in August it is hoped that a more permanent solution will be found.

“In the meantime I would still urge people to sign the petition, a copy is available at Costcutters on Buchan Road, the Corner Shop, Mid Street, Dygas, Broad Street, the bus station and Michael Watt Insurance office on Shore Street.”