Council urges residents to assist neighbours

Aberdeenshire Council is urging residents to look in on their neighbours during the festive period, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable.

Social isolation is an increasing issue in Aberdeenshire and the council is encouraging people to look after their neighbours especially at this time of the year. Social isolation often arises when someone is widowed or has to move to new housing due to their physical needs.

Lack of public transport over the festive period together with the cold weather mean many elderly people are also not able to get out of their homes.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Committee Cllr Karen Clark said: “There will be many elderly people in Aberdeenshire who will be spending the festive period on their own this year, some of them for the first time. I would encourage people to drop in on their neighbours just to check they are ok and see if they need anything.”

Aberdeenshire Council is also urging communities to get together and assist each other in clearing any snow and ice from paths and ensuring that the more vulnerable members of our community are assisted especially during cold weather periods.

There are over 1300 grit bins located at strategic positions within Aberdeenshire towns and villages and also larger grit bins at re-cycling centres in the larger towns. This resource is provided to assist with clearing and gritting public roads and footways

Vice Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work & Housing Committee Councillor Alisan Norrie added: “Aberdeenshire´s largely rural nature means that bad weather can cause difficulties for communities and transport, sometimes for days at a time. So we all need to look out for vulnerable neighbours, particularly when the weather is at its worst.”

There is more information on what people should do during winter on the Ready Aberdeenshire website: