Council wants local views on cleanliness

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Aberdeenshire Council has launched a street cleansing survey to find out what residents think about the appearance of their local area.

The new survey, which is available online now and will be live until Friday, November 9, 2012, gives people a chance to air their views on litter, the provision of street cleansing services, and what improvements they would like to see.

The results of the survey will be analysed by the waste management service and will also be published on the council’s website.

Chairman of the infrastructure services committee, Councillor Peter Argyle, said: “This is an important opportunity for local people to tell the council how they feel the street cleansing service is being provided in their area.

“I would urge people to get involved, complete the survey, and tell us how they feel.”

Committee vice-chair, Councillor Alan Buchan, said: “This is a great way for people to make sure their voices are being heard and the council will consider all responses to the survey.”

In Fraserburgh, the local community council has continually raised the issue of the state of the town’s cleanliness, calling for action against the sight of overgrown weeds hanging from gutters in the town centre.

However, it is believed that, as many of the properties in the town centre are privately owned, little progress has been made on rectifying such aesthetic problems.

To complete the survey, go to or go to and follow the links.

Anyone who does not have access to the internet can phone Wasteline on 0845 600 3 900 and ask for a paper copy to be posted.

The Fraserburgh Herald is also interested in what your thoughts are on the appearance of the

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