Councillor backs heritage centre campaign

Save our Heritage Centre: Councillor Ian Tait rallies supporters. picture: Alison Kennedy
Save our Heritage Centre: Councillor Ian Tait rallies supporters. picture: Alison Kennedy

Councillor Ian Tait is calling on locals to rally round and support Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

The four-star visitor attraction run by volunteers from Fraserburgh Heritage Society was hit by a 40% cut in grant funding at the start of the season. Faced with further swingeing cuts next year the centre is battling for survival.

Speaking to the Herald, Councillor Tait said: “I want to bring to the attention of the people in our area the urgent need for people in and around Fraserburgh to help and support the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

“The council has cut the budgets for all these centres across Aberdeenshire and our centre’s budget has been hit this year and worse is to come next year unless we can stop it.

“I am doing my best to try to find some extra funding for this year but equally important is the hard work and dedication that the volunteers put in. If you feel you can help in any way, please go along and have a talk with the people there. You will find them very welcoming and kindly and they will appreciate your interest very much.”

The centre has received fantastic reviews from tourist organisations, praise from local teachers whose classes have attended tours and recognition from international film crews.

Visit Scotland, recently described it as “an exemplar and a certainly a blueprint for all community attractions throughout the country.”

Councillor Tait continued: “If any organisation feels they can help out too then please this is the time to do it. We cannot lose this Centre - it would be madness.

“Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the centre changes its displays regularly. This takes time and money.

“The centre brings many visitors to the town and this town cannot afford to lose any of its attractions especially one of such major importance in these hard times. Please rally round and help.”