Councillor calls for accident black-spot meeting

Accident black spot: the scene at Memsie crossroads on Tuesday September 6. picture: Alison Kennedy
Accident black spot: the scene at Memsie crossroads on Tuesday September 6. picture: Alison Kennedy

Fraserburgh Councillor Ian Tait has called a meeting to investigate possible solutions to make Memsie crossroads, an accident black-spot, safer.

The Fraserburgh and district councillor has sent letters to residents within the Memsie area inviting them to attend a meeting he has organised which will be held on Monday, September 19, at Council Chambers, Saltoun Square.

Speaking to the Herald, Cllr Tait said; “I am very concerned about the number of accidents happening at the Memsie junction and feel the time is right to have a good long hard look at this problem junction.

“In my opinion, we cannot allow the present situation to go on where one accident follows another.

“I believe that if a roundabout could go in at the junction than that forces all the traffic to slow down - the drivers who ignore signs as well as those that obey the signs.

“There are conditions for putting in a roundabout, so it might not be possible to do this at this junction but council officers will be able to advise us at the meeting,. However I feel this should be looked at.

“Other people may have a different solution and it is important that residents come along and give their views on this and encourage as many people as possible to attend.

“At any rate we must actively search for a proper solution to this problematic and dangerous junction.”

Residents of Memsie were up in arms last week following the latest accident which involved four people and took place on Tuesday September 6. Police, ambulance and fire crews with cutting gear were called to the scene, and the casualties were trasferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for treatment. None of their injuries were believed to be life threatening.

Speaking to the Herald, after the accident, one resident asked: “How many fatalities is it going to take before something is done?”