Councillor calls on board to consider Broch marina

Councillor Michael Watt pictured with a clipping he was sent about the new Marina in Mallaig
Councillor Michael Watt pictured with a clipping he was sent about the new Marina in Mallaig

a FRASERBURGH councillor is calling on the town’s harbour board to consider the creation of a marina at the port.

Councillor Michael Watt has launched the petition asking board members to give serious consideration to a marina in Fraserburgh, due to the level of requests he has received from local businesses and residents.

Speaking to the Herald this week, Councillor Watt said: “I have been receiving daily requests from local residents asking when Fraserburgh is going to get a marina.

“These requests have come from local skippers, fish merchants, businesses and local residents, who all believe that a marina would be good for the economic future and regeneration of the town.”

Utilising existing unused space available at the harbour, Councillor Watt believes that a marina could co-exist with the current fishing and commercial vessels.

He continued “installing floating pontoons in the middle of the basin across from the Mission would enhance the harbour by utilising unused sections within it, existing boats that use that particular basin could continue to do so.”

With many former fishing towns diversifying into the leisure industry, Mallaig, once completely fishing dependent, is the latest to open a new marina which will co-exist with the remaining fishing fleet.

Councillor Watt continued: “There are waiting lists of two to three years at major marinas like Peterhead and Lossiemouth.

“Shetland has around 23 marinas, if marina developments were not successful there would not be so many of them, even if they do not make money for the harbour they do bring an income into towns as the sailors need supplies.

“For around £300,000 floating pontoons could be installed in the basin across from the Mission, this would enable the harbour board to assess how popular the facility would be.

“Although I fully support the harbour board with their existing projects I launched the petition to show them how much local support there is for a marina.

“I believe that there is enough support in the town that a lot of the ground work could be done at no cost to the harbour board.”