Councillor hits back at VisitScotland over VIC

Councillor Ian Tait.
Councillor Ian Tait.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has this week responded to claims made by VisitScotland on the removal of the Visitor Information Centre from the town centre.

The councillor had, last week, written an open letter to VisitScotland which they had replied to in the May 1 edition of The Fraserburgh Herald.

“I can confirm that the chief executive of VisitScotland has assured to me that the agreement to locate the Visitor Information Centre in the Lighthouse Museum is for one year only,” the councillor told us.

“That is why I am urging everyone with an interest in regenerating the town centre and helping the businesses there to protect existing jobs and create new ones to take part in my efforts to bring the Visitor Information Centre back to the town centre,” he added.

He did voice, however, his disappointment in the way some of his questions were answered and that others were yet to be answered by VisitScotland.

He said: “They say greater numbers have visited the Visitor Information centre in the Lighthouse Museum, but they only give the figures for the Easter holiday period which would not be typical throughout the year.

“VisitScotland have not answered my questions on what they are doing to help Fraserburgh in the way of developing tourism related business.

“Because they have not provided any evidence of what they have done practicaly or intend to do to help Fraserbrugh, I can only assume they are doing nothing and, in my estimation, that means VisitScotland is failing in its duty to help Fraserburgh and district.

“I will continue to press VisitScotland and the SNP Government Minister for Tourism for the return of the Visitor Information Centre to the town centre so that all those 4,000 visitors who visited the town centre can once again have the chance to spend their money in our town centre businesses instead of going to the Lighthouse Museum at the edge of town, where there are no businesses at all.”

Last week, a VisitScotland spokerson had said: “The new location gives many more visitors, over 21,000 per year, access to information and inspiration on things to see and do locally, which, in turn, will make sure visitors stay in the area longer, recommend the area to friends and even return to the area for future holidays.

“The co-location also means the information provision service has gone from seasonal to a year-round provision, with increased operation hours.”