Councillor hits out at dog fouling on school pitches

Councillor Charles Buchan.
Councillor Charles Buchan.

Local councillor and former teacher Charles Buchan has hit out at people who allow their dog to foul in Fraserburgh Academy’s pitches.

The former science teacher at the school, who has since become an SNP councillor for Fraserburgh and district, was speaking to us earlier this month about the problem at the grassed areas at the secondary school.

“The Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council has been concerned about dog excrement in the Academy playing fields for quite some time,” he explained.

In previous years, councillors in Fraserburgh and district, as well as the local community council, have repeatedly promoted a clean dog walking scheme. The community council had also, last year, placed posters around Broadsea warning of the fine available to people who do not pick up after their dog.

The councillor continued, telling us the dog warden had been informed: “It appears certain members of the public are using the children’s sports pitches to exercise their dogs, and are allowing their pets to do their natural business on the pitches.

“Parents are very rightly angry at this practice, as exposure to dogs’ mess can cause some very serious infections and illnesses to children. In contact sports like football, cuts and grazes are common, allowing dangerous bacteria and viruses direct entry to tissues and the bloodstream. And that is beside any nuisance effect due to the spread of dog mess on clothing, shoes, and the school interior.

“I have been in touch with the education officer for Banff and Buchan, who has plans to deter, and gain evidence about, these irresponsible dog owners who, despite having miles of glorious walks near the town, persist in using the children’s spaces for dog-walking, for their convenience.

“I would ask the offenders to have regard to the health of our children, and stop using the playing fields immediately.”