Councillor in discussions with council

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Troup Councillor Hamish Partridge has spoken to the Fraserburgh Herald about his concern over road works to the C139B road which runs between Tyrie Mains and Hillhead, telling us that he is in discussions with the roads and infrastructure departments to resolve the issue.

Councillor Patridge said that the road has drainage issues at present, with Aberdeenshire Council planning to renew and repair the road as part of its upgrading works. As part of the upgrading, passing places are to be introduced every 100 metres on the current 4.7 metre wide road.

Councillor Partridge is concerned, however, that the width of the road is due to be decreased by over a metre.

“My concern that I have raised with the head of infrastructure services, Stephen Archer, is the reasoning behind reducing the width of the road to 3.5 metres.

“Due to the rural location of the road, many agricultural machines, especially combines which can have a track width of 4 metres, will not be able to sue the road without damaging the verge and edge of the tarmac.

“Aberdeenshire Council say the reduction in width is to make it safer and encourage road users to use the passing place that will be provided as part of the upgrade,” he said.

Councillor Partridge added that the road is also used by two quarries, as well as many farmers, which could cause them to reroute at an added cost and time to their journey.

The councillor continued: “This will also result in an increase of traffic using the single track road passing Tyrie school, as this road will now be wider than the planned upgrade.

“With safety in mind on rural roads, in this day and age, I would have thought Aberdeenshire Council would be trying widening single-track roads, not creating them from roads that are perfectly safe and wide enough at the moment.”