Councillor in wait for crossing measures

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FRASERBURGH and district councillor Ian Tait has told the Fraserburgh Herald that he hopes a school crossing patroller and traffic lights will go up at Boothby Road in the future.

Councillor Tait told the Fraserburgh Herald that, after being contacted by parents at the East side of Boothby Road, he hopes safety measures will be taken.

“I contacted the Council’s education department and pointed out that the last count and traffic speed survey had taken place at a time when the children would not be crossing the road.

“I felt this warranted a new survey and count being carried out. The new count was carried out on Thursday, October 4, and the results are currently being analysed along with the traffic speed information taken at the time.

“In addition, the roads department intend to canvas the views of parents of children who attend both South Park Primary and Fraserburgh Academy, probably via the head teachers, on the likelihood of their children using a crossing patroller if one was provided.

“I am hoping this data helps us to get a school patroller in place.”

The councillor added that the last traffic survey, for the implementation of traffic lights, indicated that the data returned did not justify such an implementation.

“However, I pointed out that the Watermill supermarket had been given planning permission since then,” Councillor Tait said, adding that the extra traffic going to and from the new supermarket would also make use of Boothby Road.

“I also pointed out that planning permission had also been given for housing on the East side of Boothby Road and this would also generate more traffic and more children wanting to cross the road.

“As a result, roads officers have had discussions with Transport Scotland regarding the possibility of installing a road crossing where the criteria are not met.

“The decision about the light controlled crossing lies with Transport Scotland and not the council. These discussions are still continuing at this stage,” the councillor said, adding that he would inform parents as soon as he knew the results.

“To sum up, I am hoping for a light controlled crossing and a school patroller at least at this point on Boothby Road in the interests of the safety of the children.”